ICE YACHTS is composite top class boats, 100% built in Italy. Boats for a man who want to realize the dream about a well constructed luxury boat, also ready to race and win.

Time-tested and regatta-proven hull lines, passion on cutting edge materials, attention for details, and deep personalization are some outstanding features of these exceptional yachts.
Hull and deck standard lamination is full carbon or hybrid carbon-glass fiber, vacuum infused from a female mold and post cured with heat. The structures, also infused, are built directly on board. This choice in not only minimizing the weight, but it also improves the overall structural strength and resilience, hence allowing to withstand the high loads experienced under sailing power.
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Above the flashy looks and minimalist layout which is squarely aimed at warm weather sailors, there is passion and quality, from the design to the build and finish. The designer has performance in his blood and really cares about the product. The yard has a classic semi-custom approach born from knowledge and experience. And it is headed up by a passionate leader in love with sailing and speed. Above all there is underlying sense of pride,which shines out of Ice Yachts. It is what the company is formed on and what it´s owner buy into.
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